Nikkalite Crystal Grade

Nikkalite Crystal Grade Offer

Nikkalite Flexible Crystal Grade CVF is a conformable and flexible Crystal grade microprismatic retroreflective sheeting designed for emergency vehicle conspicuity. It offers very high retroreflectivity making the vehicle very conspicuous to other road users during the hours of darkness and complies with the PSDB High Conspicuity Livery for Police Vehicles.

Expected performance life
When processed and applied in line with NCI’s procedures CVF standard colours can be expected to have a useful working life of 7 years.

Livery design stretched during application, as with other sheetings any tension introduced
Nikkalite Flexible Crystal Grade CVF will adhere to flat, two and shallow three dimensional contoured panels providing the sheeting is not forced out of shape during application. CVF is more flexible and conformable than previous Nikkalite Crystal grade sheetings and careful livery design is important using butt joints where necessary.