3D Carbon Fibre

Avery Supreme Carbon Fibre Wrapping Film is a premium quality cast vinyl for use in the vehicle wrap market where a high quality film finish is required. The Easy Apply RS™ technology allows faster positioning and bubble free application, as well as long term removability after the intended period of use.

- Very textured and super conformable film
- Excellent 3D conformability on concave and convex shapes including rivets and deep channels
- Easy- Apply functionality helps eliminate bubbles and wrinkles
- Repositionable and slide-able technology enables faster installations
- Excellent Long Term Removability of the film

Recommendations for use
- Full or part vehicle wraps to update the vehicle style.
- Wrapping of other objects to refresh the look, where a flexible and highly conformable product is required


Hints and Tips
Practice Makes Perfect
Try a sample of the media and spens a little time making yourslef familiar with how it behaves.

Prepare Your Surface
Use a product such as Avery Surface Cleaner to prepare your application surface.

Get the Temperature Right
The best temperature to apply the 3D Cast Carbon Fibre is between 15°C and 38°C

Use the Right Tools
We would recommend that a soft edged squeegee be used for application.

Turn Up The Heat
A heat gun should be used during application and is also useful during removal of the vinyl. You can also ensure the best adhesion by giving the vinyl one last blast with the heat gun after application.

available to buy in 5 metre multiples