Lamination is the ideal way to add extra life and vibrancy to your prints without causing major damage to your wallet.

Adding another way of making money to your business couldn't be easier and providing your customers with unique finishes to their prints will give you the edge over your competition.
You can purchase everything you need for successful lamination from Victory Design;

   > A wide range of laminators
   > High quality lamination films
   > Unrivalled training and support.

What's the or cold?

Hot laminators are the most common types of laminators. They use heat (180 to 300 degrees F) to laminate documents and other flat items. The heat melts an adhesive in the plastic laminate, which sticks to the material being laminated. Hot lamination can be used with any flat items that do not include inks or materials that will run or melt when exposed to high temperatures. Hot laminators provide better quality and durability laminates that are more resistant to wear and tear.

Cold lamination is your best option when laminating heat-sensitive documents. These would include faxes, photos, and documents printed with an ink jet printer. Cold lamination can be safer and provide better UV protection than hot lamination.

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