Have you heard the one about the two Joshes?!

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It was a cold, dark Friday night and the usual sound of youths razzing around on their scooters was punctuated by the dulcet, comedic tones of Victory’s finest Joshes. For this Friday was no ordinary Friday..... This Friday was Josh Smith’s comedy night ably assisted by Marketing’s compere without compare Josh Tansley. 

In the sprawling metropolis that is Creswell Josh Smith managed to get some of the North’s top emerging comedy talent to come to a small social centre in a village situated on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border. It’s fitting that nearby Creswell Crags provides evidence of ice age man as judging by some of the audience members the evolutionary process has stalled somewhat. Neanderthal is too kind a description to some of those in attendance but undeterred our two Joshes rose above the heckles and delivered sterling performances.
Chances are, you may have spoken with at least one of the Joshes but it was this environment that they really came into their own.   Delivering assured performances in front of a sell out crowd (including 17 of the Victory team!) the lads did themselves and Victory proud. 
So remember where you heard the names first! Josh Smith will be working his sales magic during the day and gigging up and down the country in the evening. Josh Tansley will continue to be supporting the marketing team by day and honing his quiz master skills every Friday with his online Twitter quiz (@quizmasterJT).
Call them today on 01246 570570 – before they get too famous. But be warned – they may try to sell you something!!
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