New product - Avery Supreme Wrapping Film


'The Perfect Wrap'

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is now available from Victory Design nicknamed ‘The Perfect Wrap’ this exciting range of coloured films have a variety of uses including;

·         Updating the appearance of clients cars to their chosen colour

·         Wrapping vehicles in corporate colours

·         Full vehicle wraps which helps to hold the value of the vehicle

·         Wrapping of other objects where a flexible and highly conformable product is required

You can be assured that this product range is a high performance film and is extremely durable. It is quick and easy to apply and full application instructions are available. Why not take a look at ‘The Perfect Wrap’ video showing how easy Avery Supreme Wrapping film is to apply. Described by Avery Dennison as conformable and ‘like a second skin’ this product range will not disappoint you.

Available in a wide choice of colours including metallic, pearlescent, gloss and matt finishes. This product can also be matched to any pantone colour which is great for colour matching corporate colours.

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is a two layer, colour plus clear protective coating laminate, providing a smooth, paint like finish that’s both durable and dazzling with 33 colour and finish options. Its high conformability ensures it adheres well in deep recesses.

It also incorporates the Avery Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology. Avery Supreme Wrapping film provides decal repositionability and slide ability during application saving valuable installation time. The 1.52m rolls allow you to apply large decal panels in one piece, seamlessly, for more time savings and a smooth result. This specialist adhesive technology allows air to escape therefore the product will not pop out of contours as found with other products on the market.

The Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology features allows long term removability after the intended period of use.

Find out more about Avery Supreme Wrapping Film by visiting Victory Design website www.victorydesign.co.uk or contact their sales team on 01246 570570.


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