easiMARK Cotton Plus EM1P

easiMARK Cotton Plus Garment Film

easiMARK Cotton Plus is a PU plotter cut heat seal material with a polyester backing. It’s the most easily weeded easiMARK product, which, along with low pressing temperature and time, helps to reduce production times considerably.

It has no adhesive, so you can stack your weeded transfers until they’re ready to press. easiMARK Cotton Plus is excellent for producing small, medium and large detailed transfers and you’ll experience no loss of intricate detail when weeding your designs.

It has a lovely matt finish and the structure of the product means it retains the integrity of your design during the weeding process.

easiMARK Cotton Plus is Oke-Tex Class I certified, so you can use it on garments for any age range, including babies and children under the age of 5.

The range provides excellent colour vibrancy.easiMARK Cotton Plus Black and White T-Shirt Transfer Film