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easiMARK colour swatch

New easiMARK colour swatches will be available soon – call today to order your copy or

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Avery window film swatch

Blackboard vinyl is best by a long chalk

We’ve all heard of blackboard paint (and seen how popular it is on those well known DIY programmes too!) but did you know that the same effect is so much more easily achieved with
a blackboard vinyl?

Perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, children’s play areas and a whole host of retail environments, this vinyl transforms a surface into a fully functional blackboard.

For further details about blackboard vinyl call on 01246 570570


Avery window films

Avery films open the window of opportunity

With so many open plan and space creating environments in contemporary interior design, window films are growing further in popularity. Whether simply cad cut or printed with a
full graphic*, the results are always stunning with Avery window films.

One recent major development with these products is that Dusted Glass and Crystal Glass are now available at 1520mm wide with EasyApply TM adhesive technology. This makes installation over larger areas even easier!

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*Gold and silver window films not printable

Avery 2000 and 2800 HOP

HOP to it with Avery print medias!

Do you struggle to house all the different types of print media that you might need? Maybe you find it tricky to determine which media is best suited
for your customers’ requirements?

Well, we’ve got exciting news – Avery high opacity films remove the need to stock both grey and transparent adhesives.

These vinyls offer such opacity that you can use clear adhesive with any application and being printable with Latex, eco/mild solvent, solvent and UV inks makes them compatible with all printing platforms.

Call today on 01246 570570 for a free sample of Avery 2000, 2800 and 3000…

See how Avery Supreme Wrap performs against other leading brands

Avery Benchmarking Study

Ever thought how good it would be to wrap the same vehicle in a number of different wrap materials, just to see how they compared? It would be great to know that you were using the best suited product for the job, whilst saving you time and money by being the quickest and easiest product to wrap with. But who has got the time to do that?

Well, Avery Dennison made time and found an impartial wrap company to do exactly that for their Benchmarking Study.

See how Avery Supreme Wrap performed in this comparison video >


Wrap time comparsion
Avery have taken the guess work out of this comparison and pitted their Supreme Wrap product against 5 other leading vehicle wrap brands.

The fitters took the same vehicle and wrapped it with 6 different vehicle wraps, without knowing what the products were. They took into account each aspect of the wrapping process,
taking notice of how the adhesives behaved and how conformable the products were.

Wrapping picture

The whole process was timed and the results reviewed.

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To see all of the results and the full details of the Benchmarking Study please

click here >


Important information about Roland Inks

Roland Inks Chip Update

You may have already heard a little about this but Roland Japan have begun updating the chip supplier on some of our inks and the following cartridges
available from Victory Design Ltd will be effected:

EcoSol Max

EcoSol Max 2 

A firmware upgrade will be required in order to use the new cartridges which can be downloaded from the Roland website (http://www.rolanddg.co.uk/icchip2017/).

It is important that you upgrade your firmware to ensure you can use the new cartridges – just find your machine and click the link to access your firmware

Call on 01246 570570 for more information about Roland inks

Avery digital media products for faster installations

Say goodbye to bubbles with Avery MPI3601 Quick Mount

Avery MPI3601 Quick Mount

We all love bubbles – unless they appear when you’re installing your beautifully printed graphics and then there’s nothing more infuriating!

Avery MPI3601 you can not only say goodbye to bubbles, but save time and money with faster applications too.

  • High opacity calendered vinyl
  • Perfect for over posting, so no need to remove prior graphics
  • Available in gloss and matt finishes
  • Excellent printability
  • For short term indoor and outdoor use

We currently have some special offers on Avery MPI3601 – don’t miss out on your chance to save on this amazing product.

Call today on 01246 570570 to save £49 per roll*

Avery MPI3601


Avery MPI3000 high opacity series

Avery MPI3000 High Opacity Series

Avery MPI3000 HOP combines the printability and handling of a high quality digital vinyl, with the opacity of a grey adhesive film – but without the grey adhesive!

This means that you no longer need to stock 2 products – Avery MPI3000 HOP does the lot! Need to apply to windows?
Bingo! Got some old graphics that need covering?
No problem.

  • Up to 2 years printed durability (when used with DOL 3000 series)
  • Great print performance across all printer platforms
  • Easy application and good removability

We have Avery MPI3000 HOP on offer at Victory Design at the moment – starting from only £45 per roll.

Call today on 01246 570570 for further details.

Avery MPI3000 High Opacity Series

* £49 saving on 1370mm x 50m roll – usual price £269



Avery colour change vehicle wrap – now at Victory Design

Avery Supreme Colorflow Series

Dynamic and durable, conformable and removable – Avery Supreme Wrapping
Film™ Colorflow™ Series is here at Victory Design and we think it’s stunning!

It’s available in 5 fantastic colour shifting iridescent shades – choose from the following:

Fresh Spring

Roaring thunder

Rising sun

Urban Jungle

Rushing riptide

Fresh Spring

Roaring Thunder

Rising Sun

Urban Jungle

Rushing Riptide

Call today on
01246 570570 for more information

Rushing Riptide full image

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Colorflow Series has the same Easy Apply RS adhesive technology
as the rest of the Supreme Wrap range, making for easier, quicker and more effective installations.

Coupled with Victory’s customisation service, you can create truly unique
finishes for your customers – call today for further details on 01246 570570.

Reasons to pick Colorflow


  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves, corners and recesses
  • Available with Avery Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology
  • Is repositionable and slideable, saving installation time

For more information about Colorflow™ Series click here or

call today on 01246 570570

Specialist texture & finishes

Specialist textures and finishes by Avery Supreme

Some things you just have to reach out and touch… Avery Supreme wrapping Film offers a speciality selection that combines performanceversatility and convenience with a texture that jumps out at you!

This dual-layer film combines colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth (or textured) paint like finish that’ll be durable and dazzling! 

For more information call today on 01246 570570 or click here to buy online


Complete Avery Supreme swatch

Faster Application!

Faster application
  • 86 colour and finish combination options leaving you spoilt for choice!
  • Provides coloured film and protective layer in a one piece laminate.
  • Outstanding durabillity and performance 
  • Excellent conformabillity around curves, corners and recesses.
  • Available with Avery Easy Apply RS adhesive technology.
  • Provides repositionabillity and slideabillity, saving valueable installation time.
  • 1520mm widths.

The finish matters:

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film offers over 8 category of finishes including –

Gloss, Matt, Gloss Metalic, Matt Metalic, Satin, Extreme Texture 

(Brushed / Carbon), Pearl, Conform Chrome and Colour Flow.

Let our team know your needs and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Coming soon: Colourflow

Thousands of Chapter 8 kits available

Thousands of Chapter 8 chevron kits now available

We have sent out Chapter 8 chevron kits to hundreds of customers this year alone! 

With no minimum orders, handling everything from 1 – 50 kits and fast turnaround, Our ready to fit rear chevron kits are the perfect solution to make sure you are within Chapter 8 regulations.

Credited with 3M Assured seal, following the Assuried seal prodcedure*

Your choice of over 5000 templates for Full Rear, Half Rear or Full Glazed.

Easy application fitting guide with every order, making the job quick and easy from start to finish.

Complying with Chapter 8 regulations is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our online system
Select your car manufacturer Choose the kit you need View the plan and order online


DGcal PVC and films are here!

DGcal digital and films now available at Victory Design

They’re here! Our brand new range of PVC and lamination films by DGcal are now available. Grab an introductory bundle offer for a limited time – A roll of White Gloss PVC with accompanying lamination film in mono’ or polymeric compositions.

White PVC + Lamination Film Bundles
DGCAL 2001 / 5100 DGCAL 3000 / 4100
760mm £143.00 £74.00
1370mm £245.00 £126.00
1600mm £285.00 £148.00
* Prices per bundle at selected lengths.

Learn more about the newest addition to our arsenal of products:

From concept to creation!

DGcal self adhesive films are intended for all popular printing environments (Solvent, eco-solvent, UV-coated, and latex). The structure of DGcal films ensures trouble-free operations with a great diversity of printing machines and the use of double-coated backing paper allows for perfect film stability during printing!

DGcal PVC and lamination film
Digital quality = physical quality!

Products by DGcal feature the same exclusive raw materials as those used by the market leaders manufacturing in Europe! They aim to address the double need of partners for quality, price and performance in the industry, creating products for graphics media specialists across the industry channels.

DGcal factory machinery
Click below to see our new range of products from DGcal:
Click to view our new range of DGcal products

DGcal digital films are landing in April


Heads-up! We’re proud to announce that this April we will be offering a new line of PVC and lamination film by DGcal

Competitively priced and our starting availability will be Gloss White PVC with permanent transparent adhesive!  and Clear Gloss lamination films (both available in monomeric and polymeric). 

Learn more about the new addition to our arsenal of products:

Digital quality, physical quality!Products by DGcal feature the same exclusive raw materials as those used by the market leaders manufacturing in Europe! They aim to address the double need of partners for quality, price and performance in the industry creating products for graphics media specialists across the industry channels. DGcal manufacturing process
From concept to creation!DGcal self adhesive films are intended for all popular printing environments (solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable and Latex). The structure of DGcal films ensures trouble-free operations with a great diversity of printing machines and the use of double -coated backing paper allows for perfect film stability during printing!  DGCal Digital PVC
Click below to get familliar with what we currently offer:
Visit the Victory Design website


Driving creativity with Avery MPI 1104 Cast Films

Avery MPI 1104 cast digital film

Are you ready to fall in love? The charms of Avery MPI 1104 are hard to resist. Outstanding printability, fast application (due to easy apply technology) and superb 3D performance set the hearts racing of printers and fitters alike.

The new MPI 1104 Cast films deliver great printability and image quality. As part of the new generation of Digital Cast films, they cope easily with 3D challenges such as rivets and corrugations.

For more information call today on 01246 570570 or click here to buy online>

Outstanding Printability

Outstanding printability

Faster and Safer Application

Faster application
  • Excellent print performance on Latex, UV, Eco-Solvent and hard solvent inks, including HP Latex Certification
  • Giving great image ‘pop’ with truly consistent and reliable printability
  • Optimum print results when printing with dedicated Avery Dennison profiles
  • Achieving more vibrant colours with an outstanding gloss level and optimal opacity due to grey adhesive
  • MPI 1104 provides time savings in application through Easy Apply feature and no incisions in deep corrugation necessary
  • Reducing health risk for Applicators thanks to safer application, no need for additional surface preparation with hazardous primers
  • Well-known and appreciated repositionable permanent adhesive  is enabling easy application
z z z

Other key features of Avery MPI 1104:

  • Contour conforming with ease of appliaction
  • Repositionable permanent adhesive
  • Up to 4 years outdoor durability (with overlaminate) and 7 years unprinted
  • Safer for people applying, as there’s no need for additional surface preparation with hazardous primers

For more information about Avery MPI 1104 call today on 01246 570570 or click here >