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Our range of paper and polypropylene tapes are suitable for lifting and applying cut vinyl and graphics. Choose from Unitac and Unitac Premier Layflat in our paper tapes collection. For a tape that allows you to see through it in order to line up graphics precisely during application, Unitac Clear Embossed is the ideal choice

Unitac Application Tape is a high quality, low cost application tape with a medium to high tack. It can be torn without the adhesive causing a stringy effect.

Unitac Premier Layflat is a high tack application tape suitable for lifting and transferring even very small lettering. The superior properties of Premier Layflat application tape reduce wrinkling, tunneling and edge lifting.

Unitac Clear Embossed application tape is a polypropylene application tape with a medium tack. It can be used with both matt and gloss vinyl, cast and calendered. It can be tron by hand and, due to its transparency, is the perfect choice when you need to line up graphics precisely.

R Tape Conform 4050RLA Application Tape
Always lays flat, with no edge curling, wrinkling or tunneling.
Conform® is the original application tape with RLA® Release Liner Adhesion. With RLA, R Tape Conform 4050RLA sticks to slick release liners, so tapes do not “dog ear” and stick together. Graphics stay neater and cleaner, even when they’re rolled.

Poli-Tape 100 Clear Application Tape
Transparent Polyethylene film for the application of self-adhesive lettering and logos. The tape is suitable for all types of vinyl. The plasticiser resistant adhesive guarantees a strong initial tack to all types of vinyl films. Poli-Tape 100 Clear Application Tape can be easily removed without leaving any residue, even after being left for a period of time.

Poli-Tape 160 Clear Application Tape
Single sided embossed transparent Polyethylene film with excellent flatness. It is easy to unroll, position and is dimensionally stable. Poli-Tape 160 Clear Application Tape will not stretch or curl. This Poli-Tape application tape can be used with cast or calendered, matt and gloss vinyl.

Release from roll and attached to your design. This can either be the centre or one end of your design. Use a squeegee to apply pressure to the tape onto your design.

Unitac as this is suitable for small to medium designs.

Paper and clear polyethylene film. Clear is used for designs with multiple colours and relaying designs. Paper can be supplied in low tac for large surface areas and medium too high for smaller type designs with less surface area

One year

In roll lengths of 100m and 91.4m. You can have any width size up to 1220mm when ordering a roll to be slit. Or standard sizes of 100 150 200 305 610mm

Plastic applicator / squeegee and a trimming knife.