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Paintmask is offered with a number of options for a high quality and versatile stencil film for use on either rigid or flexible surfaces. Our Paintmask products come in differing widths on a roll supplied by the meter. All of our Paintmask products are excellent for usage in stencil applications especially for paint and spray forms. Paintmask products can also be flexible to allow for application onto even and uneven surfaces.

Paintmask Stencil Film is offered across a number of options including Oramask 810 Translucent Grey PVC Stencil Film, Avery Signmask Light Blue Stencil Film and Paintmask Blue Stencil Film.

Our paint mask range is designed to allow you to make custom stencils to paint onto surfaces.

Our mask comes in 3 different widths, depending on which brand you choose, 610,1220, & 1260.

Each roll of mask tape is 50m as standard.

Our paint masks are resistant to most mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salts and alkali solutions.

The ORAMASK tape boasts a low final tack adhesion, making it the easiest mask to remove.

The paint mask blue, stencil film, has the highest heat tolerance. It has a working range of -20°C to +70°C.

All our Paint masks have a shelf life of 2 years as standard.

The paint mask blue is designed to be used on flexible sided vehicles, making it ideal for curtain sided vehicles.

Our Light blue SignMask features electronically printed product and manufacturing identification, on the liner, to help track such details.

Any fresh paint must be left at least 3 weeks, and then cleaned of any debris, contaminants, grease or dirt.