Chapter 8 Chevron Kits

It all depends on how you would prefer to apply your Chapter 8 kit and also whether you would like the kit to be on the vehicle all the time.
Our standard chevron kits are supplied with each reflective and fluorescent strip cut, although they are delivered to you taped together in sections ready to apply (so not all jumbled up!).
For quicker applications, our flood coated kits are popular. This is where the fluorescent yellow for each section is supplied as a whole piece, with the reflective red strips cut to apply over the top.
We can also supply your Chapter 8 kit in whole sections of fluorescent yellow with the reflective red strips already applied to them – this is the flooded applied kit and for some the easiest to apply to their vehicle.
All kits come with extra red lozenges which can be applied in the door openings and to provide extra visibility if the vehicle is stationary and doors and boots are open.
If you don’t need the kit on your vehicle all the time and would like it to be easily removed, then the magnetic kit would be right for you.
The magnetic Chapter 8 kit is produced in magnetic sections, so that you can easily stick it to your vehicle and remove it whenever you need to.

A 3M Diamond Grade chevrons (3MDG) has this is a market leader and has the best light back to source properties.

Our chapter 8 reflective material options are firstly broken down into 2 categories:
Over 40mph and under 40mph – We recommend that if the vehicle which is having the kit if fitted is stopping to carry out works on highways, high speed roads or construction sites then our Prismatic material options are best.
These options are 3M Diamond Grade, Nikkalite Crystal Grade Avery V8000 or Oralite 5960.
These materials are high quality and reflect back light from multiple directions rather than just back to the original source, these materials are the type of reflectively you would see on emergency vehicles.

Under 40mph – If the chevron kit is being fitted to a vehicle which isn’t usually stopping to carry out works on highways and highspeed roads then Nikkalite FEG and Oralite 5400 can be used as an alternative.

Our kits range from 2 years to up to 10 years on 3M Diamond grade. Although the fluorescent has a life span of up to 3 years.

We would always recommend a full rear chevron kit if working on the highways.

We have instructions for fitting rear chevron kits just request a copy when ordering.

Chapter 8 is a piece of literature published by the Department for Transport that deals with the requirements for temporary situations and road works (under which all vehicles operating on highways fall) and is available from the GOV.UK website. If your vehicle(s) are involved in stopping or working on UK roads for works or inspections should be equipped with high-visibility rear markings, compliant with Chapter-8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. All our kits are Chapter-8 compliant.

Chapter 8 chevron kits are made of two parts one a retroreflective that gives outstanding reflectivity at distance and in all weather and daylight conditions. Part two is a fluorescent vinyl designed to be highly conspicuous under all daylight conditions and to provide the high attention value desired under conditions of poor visibility, particularly at dawn or dusk.

Yes we can arrange this via our network of approved fitters.