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FrogJuice and Roland Inks

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Roland Eco Sol Max Ink
Roland Eco Sol Max Ink
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Our frog juice is a clear liquid laminate, in a sprayable form. Coming in an aerosol can, it is easy to apply and offers a quick way to protect your prints, signs and canvases. It is quick drying and enhances the gloss of your prints and signs.

Our Roland inks – Eco Sol Max & 2 & 3, are eco-solvent inkjet inks, which are available in a range of colours. These inks offer a great combination of durability and vibrant colours, making it great for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Our frog juice can offer protection for up to 7 years, even through a range of environments and weathers.

Our frog juice comes in standard size spray cans of 300ml.

One can will provide coverage for an area up to 3 square meters.

Our frog juice dries in a time between 15 and 30 minutes.

Eco Sol Max contains the standard CYMK, but also Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, White and Metallic ink, offering a wide range of printing capabilities.

Between all 3 ranges of Eco Sol Max, we stock 3 different size cartridges, including 220ml, 440ml, and 500 ml. In the page, each tab will tell you which sizes are available on each product.

In outdoor use, Eco Sol Max inks offer a durability of up to 3 years, without lamination.

Eco Sol Max inks are rapid drying, and scratch resistant. This means they can be safely handled as it rolls off the printer.