Glass Etch Film

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  1. Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass
    Ritrama Ri-Mark Etched Glass
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  2. Avery Crystal Glass Window Etch Film
    Avery Crystal Glass Window Etch Film
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Glass Etch Film Adhesive

Glass etch film products are designed to give the frosted effect or an impression of etched, cut or sandblasted glass effect. Glass etch film is utilised in decorative design applications including glass doors, commercial shop windows and other glass applications in an environment or setting where glass surfaces appear.

Glass etch film adhesive offers a clear acrylic pressure sensitive application allowing for long term contact with glass. Internal office space glass is also a common glass etch film application setting where open plan settings can offer additional privacy zones providing a frosted effect.

Glass Etch Film Types

We have DGCal Digital Print Etch film, Poli Etch Silver Frosty and Avery Window Etch Film in stock at our large warehouse facility in the UK. Our support team can also provide guidance and support on the optimum product choice for your glass etch film application.

Our etch films don’t block light, as they are translucent, they let light through while obscuring what’s behind it.

Glass etch film, as standard, gives a frosted look to the glass.

Between Poli-tape and Avery Crystal, we stock 610, 1220,1370 and 1520.

Yes, both poli-tape and Avery Crystal can be digitally printed on, and still seen through (colour depending).

Our etch films can be applied using either a wet or dry method. We recommend using only a small amount of water, and using a squeegee to remove water after applying.

Depending on the brand and whether it is indoor or outdoor, the life span can be between 5 and 9 years.

Both our etch films are manufactured with 2-year shelf life as standard.

It should be applied at a minimum of 10°C, but then it’s safe between -40°C and 90°C.