Avery Supreme Wrapping Film

For a vehicle wrapping film that combines performance, versatillity and convenience look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping Film (Avery Vinyl). This dual film combines colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, vehicle paint-like finish that's both durable and dazzling.  What's more, with so many vehicle colour options, Avery Supreme Vehicle Wrapping Film (Avery Vinyl) offers more than ever before.

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Avery Supreme Wrap Full Fit Video Guide

Avery Supreme Vehicle Wrap Full Fit Video Guide from victory design

Avery Supreme Vehicle Wrapping Film Video

New Product - Introducing Avery Supreme Wrapping Film


  • Avery Supreme Vehicle Wrapping Film outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Provides coloured film and protective layer in a one piece laminate
  • 86 colours / finish combinations
  • Available with Avery Easy Apply RS adhesive technology
  • 1520mm x 25m rolls (1220mm width available in chrome)
  • Repositionable and slideable, saving valuable installation time
Property Typical Yield
Caliper, face:
Caliper, adhesive:
80 to 140 micron (please see full product specification for details)
30 micron
Applied shrinkage, max.
Tensile at Yield
0.7 - 1.5kg/cm
200% at break
Gloss Measured @ 60°C Gloss - >85GU
Satin - 20-30GU
Matte - <15GU
15 min.
24 hrs.
1 week

Flammabillity EN 13501-1 certified
Shelf-life 2 years from date of manufacture when stored at the following temperatures and humidity conditions 20°C - 25°C and 50±5% R.H.
Durability Specific to different colour ranges - please see the full specification
Min Application Temperature 10°C flat and simple curves, 16°C complex curves
Service Temperature -50°C to +110°C (Reasonable range of temperatures which would be expected under normal environmental conditions).
Chemical resistance Resistant to most mild acids, alkalis and salt solutions.
Removable For the length of the applicable durability period. Please see full specification.


There are 86 different available colour/ finish combinations, between a range of finishes and colours.

Avery supreme features several integrated systems, including; easy apply air release, allowing for air pocket to be easily removed. It also is repositionable and slidable, meaning once lightly applied, it can be moved around with little difficulty, to the desired position.

As standard, Avery supreme comes at 1520mm, or for chrome finish, it comes in 1220mm.

No, Avery supreme provides coloured film and protective layer, in a one-piece laminate.

Avery supreme has a 2-year shelf life, from the date of its manufacture.

For flat surfaces, it should be a minimum of 10°C and for curved surfaces a minimum of 16°C.

If it has been correctly applied to Avery specifications, then the service temperature ranges from -50°C to +110°C.

Avery supreme should be left at minimum of 15 minutes to achieve stable adhesion. Ideally to be left for 24 - 48 hrs to achieve a strong adhesion, but it will continue to increase over 1 week, to reach its peak.

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Product Specification

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Avery Supreme Wrap Application Guide

Application Instructions for Avery Dennison​ Supreme Wrapping​ Film

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Marine application Avery Supreme Wrapping Film

Application Instructions for Avery Dennison ® Supreme Wrapping ™ Film in Marine Application with Avery Dennison Edge Sealer

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Application Instructions for Avery Dennison™ Conform Chrome Films

Information about applying Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Conform Chrome colours

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