easiMARK DTF Double Matt 75 - Pack of 100 Sheets

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easiMARK DTF Double Matt 75
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easiMARK DTF Double Matt 75 is an eco-friendly DTF solution on PET film designed for printing/transferring graphics.

  • Matt, soft touch and elastic finish thanks to the special Solvent-free waterbased coating
  • Double matt polyester carrier to enable a better winding and unwinding, and stacking of pieces
  • Consistent, vibrant colours (including neon) and good coverage of white colour
  • Pack of 100 sheets


Inert components, REACH compliant, without PVC, plastifiers, heavy metals, VOC, according to Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1.



  • Special coating on the film enhances washability
  • Anti-static film
  • High temperature resistant that prevents ink migration during the application process
  • Non-absorbent film. It keeps the ink wet, making it easier for the adhesive powder to stick to the design and avoiding ink bleeding
  • Transparent film allowing the design to be seen on both sides of the film, making it easy to heat transfer
  • Print uniformity
  • No powder pollution
  • The printable side is the coated side and is slip-resistant to facilitate the DTF printing operation
  • This high-quality printable film is suitable for any desktop or large format DTF printer


  1. Print the visual in mirror on the matt side of the film (coated side) with waterbased inks specific to DTF - please refer to the inks and printers' operating instructions.
  2. Apply the adhesive powder manually or by using an automatic powder shaker- please refer to the adhesive powder's operating instructions.
  3. Heat Transfer the visual to the textile- (recommendation : 130°C to 150°C / 10 to 15 sec - it may vary depending on the ink and adhesive powder) Please refer to the inks' and adhesive powder's operating instructions before making the transfer.
  4. Remove the film Cold Peel
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easiMARK DTF Double Matt 75

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easiMARK DTF Double Matt 75 - Pack of 100 Sheets
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