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Avery 500 sign vinyl is a versatile and highly popular sign vinyl, suitable for many outdoor and indoor applications. The Avery Dennison® 500 Event Film Series is available in 47 gloss and matt colours.

With up to 5 years durability and fantastic dimensional stability, Avery 500 is a great choice for signage, exhibition stand graphics and short term promotional displays.

White Avery 500 vinyl has a blue backing paper which helps during the weeding process. There's also a grid printed on the liner to aid with accuracy if you're cutting the vinyl manually.

Get your first slit free! We will slit your roll once for free - any further slitting is just £3.50 per slit. Please add any details to the special requirements box at checkout and we will contact you for any further payment if necessary.

Full roll length: 50 metres

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Avery Dennison 500 Event Film sign vinyl gloss and matt ranges are ideal for directional signage, promotional displays, point of sale material, exhibition stand graphics and short term indoor and outdoor Sign Vinyl applications. Avery 500 Vinyl in many colour options in matt or gloss with width options, in stock ready to go. The thickness of Avery 500 is 70 micron (monomerically plasticised vinyl) offering an adhesive which is permanent and acrylic based.

Please be aware if you require any slitting to your sign vinyl, the 1st slit is free any subsequent slitting required is to be paid for at the price of £3.50 per slit. We will contact you to take payment.

  Gloss Matt
Thickness: 70 micron (monomerically plasticised vinyl)
Adhesive: Permanent, acrylic based Semi-permanent, acrylic based
Backing paper: One side coated bleached kraft paper, 125g/m2
Shelf life: 2 years (stored at 22°C / 50-55% RH)
Black and white 5 years
All colours 4 years All colours 3 years
Metallics 2 years

* The durability is based on middle European exposure conditions. Actual performance life will depend on substrate preparation, exposure conditions and maintenance of the marking. For instance, in the case of signs facing south; in areas of long high temperature exposure such as southern European countries; in industrially polluted areas or high altitudes, exterior performance will be decreased.

Avery 500 Sign Vinyl Recommendations for use

  • Interior sign and display panel applications
  • Exhibition stand graphics and interior architectural signs
  • Short term outdoor markings and advertising, if matt finish is needed
  • Short term promotional displays

Note: Do not overlay monomeric plasticised films; migration of components might occur.

This most popular sign vinyl product just got even better, making it even easier to use, resulting in a superior end product.


  • IMPROVED CONVERSION - the new blue contrast backing paper on white Avery 500 vinyl will make weeding a doddle!
  • IMPROVED CUTTING - the new grid liner imprint helps with alignment and manual cutting
  • Extensive colour range, both in gloss and matt finishes
  • Exceptional cutting and weeding
  • Up to 5 years durability
  • Good initial tack and high adhesion on most common substrates


Our Avery 500 is available in matt or gloss finish.

Our Avery 500 range comes in 2 standard widths; 610mm and 1220mm.

Avery 500 has a range of 47 colours, available in gloss or matt.

Avery 500 has been manufactured with a blue backing paper, to make it easier to weed, even fine details.

We offer a free first slit service, so we can cut the initial roll to a chosen width, free of charge.

Depending on the colour and finish, it can be up to 5 years.

Avery 500 has a range of uses, due to its properties and competitive prices, these include signage, exhibition stand graphics and short-term promotional displays.

The shelf life of Avery 500 is stated as 2 years by the manufacture, when stored at 22°C and 50-55% RH.

Avery 500 has been manufactured with new features for ease of use, including; good initial tack and a high adhesion.

Avery 500 should be applied at a minimum of 10°c and once applied, it is safe between -40°c & +100°c

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