Avery Visiflex V-8000 Series

Avery Dennison VisiFlex V-8000 Series provides striking reflectivity for emergency vehicles and any vehicle requiring superior high visibility markings and Reflective Vinyl.

Available on the roll or as pre-cut Chapter 8 vehicle kits. With 7 years durability (5 years for fluorescents), this reflective prismatic vinyl is a durable product which provides bright and vivid reflectivity in both day and night-time condition Reflective Vinyl.

25 yards/22.86 metres on a roll. (By ordering 22 metres you will receive 22.86m on the roll).

  • Striking and bold daytime appearance
  • Bright and vivid night time presence
  • Easy to apply and conforms to simple curves
  • Digitally printable
  • Economic 48” roll width
  • Solid layer construction eliminates edge sealing
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Suitable for graphics on safety and emergency vehicles
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Avery Dennison's VisiFlex™ V 8000 reflective prismatic vinyl

Avery Visiflex V-8000 reflective vinyl is specifically designed to add visibility to vehicles both day and night and in all conditions. See the superior reflective properties of Avery Visiflex V-8000 microprismatic sheeting here. This great reflective vinyl product easily cuts, weeds and applies, offering a great conversion solution - it is also digitally printable.


  • Solid metallic layer construction: resists dirt and water penetration, dents and reflectivity loss
  • Omnidirectional prisms (unique for Avery Dennison): performs well on simple vehicle curves, facing
    any direction, creating high uniform brightness at night Reflective Vinyl
  • Easy to handle and apply, conforms to simple curves
  • Withstands normal vehicle maintenance
  • Digitally Printable (V-8000 White only)

Avery Dennison® VisiFlex™ V-8000 Series High Visibility Reflective Film is engineered to improve the day and nighttime visibility of emergency response, utility, and construction fleets. Highly reflective vehicle markings can improve detection and recognition, giving drivers more time to react safely and avoid a collision. Collision avoidance may help fleet managers contain costs through .

VisiFlex V-8000 Series offers durable, vibrant daytime colors. At night, its bold, high-quality microprismatic retroreflective elements efficiently return light at a wide range of angles. The single layer construction simplifies application, and eliminates the requirement for edge sealing.


Avery V8000 comes as standard at 1220mm / 48".

The rolls are 25 yards / 22.86m long. (with a full roll purchase being 22m, 22.86 will be sent).

The durability of Avery V8000 is 5 to 7 years (colour dependent).

Avery Visiflex Is an omni directional product, so the orientation doesn’t matter when applying it.

Yes, V8000 is a self-sealing product, so it can be cut and still be used as effectively without risk of cells drying.

Yes, but only on the White Avery V8000.

Avery V8000 reflective can be stored for up to 1 year prior to use.

Yes, we can slit Avery Visiflex down to 24" / 610mm or we also supply strip rolls at 25/50/150/250mm.

Avery V8000 comes in white, blue, red, orange, green and yellow-green.

The nature of V8000 Visiflex means it can conform to gentle curves, and the pressure sensitive adhesive means it can be repositioned before application.

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Avery Dennison ® Reflective Films: Application & Care Guide

Information about converting, applying and caring for Avery reflective films.

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