25mm x 50m Double Sided Tape

25mm x 50m double sided tape for banner hemming, door plaques, plastics, and point of sale.

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25mm x 50m double sided tape for banner hemming, door plaques, plastics, and point of sale.

Product Features:

  1. High Bonding: This double-sided tape offers strong adhesive properties, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where a secure bond is required.

  2. Splicing: It can be used for joining or splicing materials together. This is common in manufacturing processes where two materials need to be securely attached.

  3. Mounting Name Plates, Labels, and Emblems: It's suitable for affixing name plates, labels, and emblems to various surfaces. This could be in industrial settings, offices, or other applications.

  4. Suitable for Use on Sail Cloth: Sail cloth can be a challenging material to adhere to due to its outdoor exposure. This double sided tape can withstand exposure to environmental elements.

  5. Resistance to Alkalisation: This tape offers excellent resistance to alkali substances, which may be important in industrial applications where exposure to alkaline materials is common.


  1. Banner Hemming: This tape can be used to hem banners, providing a secure and neat edge for outdoor advertising or event banners.

  2. Door Plaques: It can be used to attach door plaques, signs, or nameplates to various surfaces, including doors.

  3. Plastics: This tape can bond plastics together or attach plastic components in various manufacturing processes.

  4. Point of Sale: In retail settings, this tape can be used for creating displays, attaching promotional materials, or securing items in the point of sale area.

  5. Industrial Applications: Given its high bonding strength and resistance to alkalis, it can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as sealing, bonding, and mounting.

  6. Label and Emblem Fixing: It's suitable for affixing labels and emblems, which could be important for branding or identification purposes.


Please note that while this information provides a general understanding of the product's features and applications, it's always essential to refer to the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to use the product effectively and safely.


Our double sided tape comes in 50m rolls.

Each roll is 25mm wide, approx. 1 inch.

Our double-sided tape is clear with an opaque backing liner.

The tape comes with a liner so only one side is initially adhesive, so you apply it like a normal tape and then remove the backing liner to reveal the second adhesive side. Then press the materials together with both adhesive sides in use to create a strong bond.

We offer discounts when buying 5 and 10 rolls at a time.

Double sided tape can be used in banner hemming, door plaques, plastics, and point of sale.

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25mm x 50m Double Sided Tape
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