easiMARK Ancillary Tool Kit

The easiMARK Ancillary Tool Kit includes:

  • 1 easiMARK badge removal spray
  • 2 easiPICK weeding tools
  • 1 teflon sheet
  • 2 weeding tweezers
  • 5 snap off knives

Please note: this product cannot be exported but you are welcome to arrange your own collection.

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Here's a little more information on each item in the tool kit:

easiMARK Badge Removal Spray
For removing most garment film transfers, the easiMARK transfer remover simply sprays on and then the transfer can be lifted off the garment. Perfect for those little mistakes that can happen during heat pressing.

easiPICK Weeding Tool
This handy tool has a sharp curved hook for greater precision when weeding sign vinyl and garment film, helping to ensure that your designs are not ruined during the weeding process.

Teflon Sheet
Protects delicate materials and the garment film from scorching during the heat pressing process.

Weeding Tweezers
Offer precision and speed when weeding excess sign vinyl and garment film from cut graphics and lettering.

Snap Off Knives
Retractable knife with snap off blades - perfect for trimming garment film.

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