3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol chevron kits

3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol chevron kits

3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol chevron kits

Sometimes, Chapter 8 kits are sold simply as 'prismatic' kits, with no more information, explanation or detail offered. The price of these kits may seem appealing at first, but later down the line this may cost you again.

By neglecting to be transparent about what material their Chapter 8 kits are manufactured from, these companies are free to offer any reflective and fluorescent product and for whatever price they see fit.

We take the guesswork out of ordering Chapter 8 kits

Here at Victory Design, we like to be transparent about the materials we use to manufacture Chapter 8 kits. We believe that this will help our customers to:

  • Choose the right material for the job in hand, ensuring that it meets the guidelines required for the function of the vehicle
  • Know what guarantees come with the product they are ordering
  • Order replacement panels for a vehicle, should it be involved in an accident
  • Offer consistency over a full fleet, ensuring that all vehicles in the fleet follow the same look and comply with the same regulations


3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol

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We manufacture Chapter 8 kits from materials made by the industry leaders - 3M, Avery, Nikkalite and Orafol. We can tell you the exact details of what you're buying - the regulations it meets, where it can be used, the life expectancy of the kit and the guarantee for that material.

These are all the details that will help you make an informed decision about which kit suits your requirements.

So, take the guesswork out of your order - come to Victory Design for your Chapter 8 kits.

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