Speed Magnets (Pack of 2)

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Handy magnets for holding vinyl in place when applying to surfaces. They are especially useful when applying vehicle graphics, holding the graphics in place as you apply them.

These handy magnets are invaluable tools for sign shops and vehicle wrappers. They simplify the process of applying vinyl graphics, making it more efficient and precise. Here's a summary of their key advantages:

  1. Time-Saving: By securely holding the vinyl in place during measurement and application, these magnets eliminate the need to constantly readjust with masking tape. This results in a significant time-saving benefit, especially when working on large graphics or complex designs.

  2. Accuracy: The magnets ensure that the vinyl graphics are held in the exact position desired. This precision is crucial in achieving a professional and polished finish, which is especially important in the signage and vehicle graphics industry.

  3. Ease of Use: Their straightforward application process simplifies the workflow. Just slide the graphic into place, and then secure it with the speed magnets. This reduces the chances of errors and misalignment.

  4. Versatility: While particularly useful for vehicle graphics, these magnets can be applied to various surfaces where vinyl graphics are being installed, making them versatile tools for a sign shop or any professional involved in vinyl graphic application.

  5. Cost-Efficiency: Although they are a one-time purchase, these magnets can help save on material costs (such as masking tape) and reduce the time spent on each installation job, ultimately leading to cost-efficiency for sign shops and wrappers.

  6. Professional Results: The magnets contribute to achieving clean, bubble-free, and precisely aligned vinyl graphics, enhancing the overall quality of the work produced.

In summary, these handy magnets are a must-have tool for sign shops and vehicle wrappers. They streamline the installation process, improve accuracy, and ultimately lead to time and cost savings, while ensuring that the final result meets the high standards expected in the industry.


Yes, each pack of speed magnets comes with 2 individual pieces.

Speed magnets are ideal for applying vinyls to vehicles or metal surfaces, as they hold it in place without causing any damage.

Speed magnets should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our speed magnets don’t have a set life span, as long as they are kept dry, clean and out of direct sunlight they shouldn’t wear down or lose magnetism for a number of years.

Speed magnets should be applied flat and gently, it is not recommended to try to slide or move once applied, its best to remove and re-apply where needed.

The base of our speed magnets is 43mm in diameter, and the handle is 50mm long.

The magnetic base of our speed magnets are coated with rubber to prevent marks and damage.

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Speed Magnets (Pack of 2)
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