Anti-graffiti film from only £2.80 per metre

Anti-graffiti film from only £2.80 per metre

Anti-graffiti film from only £2.80 per metre

anti-graffiti film



Are your customers plagued by constant graffiti and vandalism of their company signage? Are repeated clean up costs getting them down and hurting their pocket? You could offer vandal proof, cost effective and easy to maintain solutions with anti-graffiti film.

Buy now from £2.80 per metre

This durable over-laminating film can be used to protect all printed signage from graffiti. By using a suitable proprietary cleaner such as IPA (Isopropanol) and a soft cloth, permanent marker pen and spray paint can be removed from the un-coated surface of the film. Making your customer's signage easy for them to keep clean and maintain themselves.

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