Premium White Embossed Roll 165mm x 150m

Premium White Roll 2 Ply White Embossed roll.  165mm x 150M long with 375 sheets perforated into the roll.

Everyday wipes are designed for efficient surface cleaning tasks, making them highly suitable for both cleaning panels and drying hands. These 2-ply white rolls, offering excellent fluid absorption capabilities for quick and effective cleaning. Additionally, their micro-embossed texture ensures that they maintain their integrity during use, preventing any unwanted separation.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Versatile Cleaning: Everyday wipes cater to a wide range of cleaning needs, serving as a reliable choice for cleaning surfaces and providing a convenient hand-drying option.

Centrefeed Design: The centrefeed design makes accessing the wipes simple and hassle-free, allowing for easy dispensing as needed.

Laminated 2-Ply Construction:  Equips them with excellent absorbency for efficiently tackling liquid spills and messes.

Quick Fluid Absorption: The material's quick absorption of fluids ensures that cleaning tasks can be completed swiftly and effectively.

Micro-Embossed Texture: The micro-embossed texture prevents the wipes from separating during use, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance.

Dimensions: With a size of 165mm wide x 150m long (approximately 375 sheets), the wipes provide ample material for various cleaning tasks.

Perforated Roll: The roll is perforated for easy tearing, allowing users to access individual wipes without hassle.


In essence, everyday wipes are a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness in various environments. Whether you're cleaning surfaces or drying hands, these wipes offer a reliable and efficient approach to everyday cleaning tasks.

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Premium White Embossed Roll 165mm x 150m
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