Sheet Slitters

This quality sheet slitter allows for easy, accurate and safe slitting and trimming of sign vinyl and digital media. This sheet slitter prevents jamming as the paper or film is guided through it.

Blades can be turned around to extend durability and can then be replaced when needed.

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This sheet slitter cuts paper and film safely and easily. The integrated material guide smooths out bumps, prevents jamming and leads material in the direction of the blade during trimming. The blade lays at a 45° degree angle to the cutting material.

The sheet slitter is small, light and handy. Its round handle sits on a sliding base, which is slanted at the front, creating easier access to paper and film.

Changing blades is easy and safe
With the integrated into the handle, you just have to pull it out to change the blades. The rough surface of the blade carrier makes handling easier.

Blade life
The sheet slitter is fitted with a 0.2 mm thin quality blade. To maximise the usage of each blade, you can turn it and turn it around until it is fully used. When the blade is ready, you can replace it quickly and easily.

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Sheet Slitters
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