3M ECE104 983 Diamond Grade Rigid Surfaces

This product is for use on rigid sided vehicles. Apply to Heavy Goods Vehicles with a mass over 7.5 tonnes and trailers over 3.5 tonnes.

Use red markings on the rear of vehicles, covering at least 80 percent of its total length and width and as close as possible to the edges. Reflective strip rigid sided vehicle application.

Red or yellow must be used for the rear of vehicles and yellow or white may be used for the sides, covering at least 80 percent of its length.

  • Help to reduce accidents and save lives through increased visibility
  • Less accidents mean less downtime and decreased repair costs
  • Improves corporate image through being seen to be proactive about safety
  • Protect your company against possible legal action related to third party safety
  • Meet the requirements of UN-ECE 104 Regulation

Roll sizes
Yellow, red and white: 53.5mm x 50m
Fluorescent yellow green: 51mm x 45.7m

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3M Diamond Grade Demonstration

3M Diamond Grade Application Demonstration


Which colour ECE104 tape to use where on the vehicle

Position on vehicle Colours
Front White
Sides Yellow or white*
Rear Red or yellow*

* The Department for Transport states that the UK preference for colours is yellow to the sides and red to the rear.

Reflective Strip Rigid Sided Vehicles

ECE104 is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the use of retro-reflective safety markings on heavy goods vehicles operating throughout Europe. Since July 2011, all newly registered HGVs over 7.5 tonnes and trailers over 3.5 tonnes operating in the UK, are required by law to be fitted with homolgated retro-reflective markings. These must clearly outline the rear and sides of the vehicle to make it visible for up to 1000 metres in low light conditions. ECE104 specifies the standard for the reflective materials used and where and how it must be positioned on the vehicle or trailer.

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3M Conspicuity ECE104

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